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Stephan Dummermuth operates “Simon’s Hostel” since the beginning of 2022. Stephan was able to take over the hostel from Simon Frutiger, which operated successfully for 35 years.


The history of our house

Long before the time at the current location, there was, according to old photos, a hostel for cost-friendly overnight stays in Meiringen.
Based on the historical photos we were able to determine that our hostel today is not in the same location as it was back then. After consultation with our village chronicler, Walter Schmid, we determined that the photos available to us must be a location on the western side of the village entrance. The exact location can no longer be evaluated. But it must be the land parcel between today’s “Migros” and the terrain of the former “Hotel Oberland”. It can only be guessed if there was a cooperation between the hostel and the Hotel Oberland at that time. It is quite imaginable that the hostel was part of the whole hotel concept.

From the construction of the hostel…

After the end of the Second World War, the association “Swiss Youth Hostels” acquired an independent and permanent building right from the municipality of Meiringen at its present location and built the first youth hostel in the eastern part of the village. The building lease contract is dated September 30th 1948.

According to the records available the start of operations took place in early 1948.
A first reconstruction of the hostel took place only four years after opening.
We assume that the new offer met with great interest and that the hostel quickly reached the limits of its capacity.

In 1971 was the next renovation, during which the current company apartment and the garage were built.
In 1972 and 1974 the Swiss Youth Hostels Association invested in a new and modern kitchen.

Finally in 1979 the hostel was connected to the regional wastewater treatment plant in Meiringen.

In 1988 Simon Frutiger started as the Hostel Manager. At that time Maria José Castro was already an employee at the hostel. Simon and Maria José ran the hostel for the next eight years as employees of the Swiss Youth Hostels Association.

About the private takeover of the hostel

In 1996 there was a turning point and therefore probably the biggest change in the history of the hostel.

The Swiss Youth Hostels Association decided at short notice to no longer operate the hostel in Meiringen.
Since Simon Frutiger could not understand this decision and saw the great potential of the hostel and the associated tourism, he decided to rent the hostel from the association and run it on his own account.

Only a short time later Simon decided to purchase the hostel, or rather the building rights, and to operate the hostel under the new name “Simon’s Hostel”.

After two years Simon rebuilt the hostel one last time until today. The dormitory on the first floor was raised and with that smaller rooms could be realized and the comfort for the guests could be increased.

to the present day

As Simon was slowly but surely approaching his retirement age he began to think about his succession plan. In all these years under his leadership a very important and unique tourist offer for the region has been created and has consolidated itself on the market.

With Stephan Dummermuth he found a young and enthusiastic person who wanted to buy the hostel and continue to operate it in his spirit.

After 33 years Simon sold the hostel to the newly founded Hostel Haslital AG.

Part of the succession plan was that Simon and Maria José would continue to live in the company apartment and support the new owner for some time.

into the near and distant future

What the future will bring is written in the stars.

Stephan Dummermuth is a convinced tourism expert and is already planning further renovations.
The basic concept of the hostel will certainly continue to exist. However we always want to meet today’s guest needs in the best possible way and will also renew structurally.

For 75 years the hostel has been offering a highly demanded offer and knows how to convince with its perfect location.

For 35 of these 75 years Simon Frutiger and Maria José Castro ran the hostel with a lot of heart and soul and are happy that they can now take a step back and still be part of the hostel.

We look forward to continue to write the history of the hostel and look forward to hosting our guests and giving them unique days in the Haslital.


Stephan Dummermuth

Owner and manager from Hostel Haslital AG

Simon Frutiger

Former owner, the good soul of the house

Marie-Jose Castro

Kitchen and room service